Blind Sound Engineers
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Assess your Strengths:
business, artistic, and technical

As the cliche goes, you must first determine where you are before you can get where you want to go. It is advisable to consider what skills, talents, and knowledge you already possess that might serve you well in the audio production industry. Below are some brief surveys to help you determine your strengths. The first two surveys, music and broadcasting, are helpful for establishing your own business, but also indicate what value added skills you might have as an employee engineer.
Rate your knowledge and experience in the following areas. Use zero (0) to mean no knowledge or experience. use one (1) to mean very little knowledge and experience. Use two (2) as moderate knowledge and experience. Use three (3) to mean extensive knowledge and experience.

Survey 1:

  • Ability to read music notation (print or Braille: --
  • Music theory and composition: --
  • Performance proficiency on one instrument: --
  • Performance proficiency on more than one instrument: --
  • Formal music training/education: --
  • Ability to tune instruments with precision: --
  • Ability to identify chord quality (major/minor) by ear: --
  • Ability to identify orchestral instruments (Cello, Clarinet, etc.) by ear: --
  • Ability to identify specific instruments (guitar/keyboard model) by ear: --

Total score in the music production category: ----
Your score in the survey above may help determine your readiness and/or aptitude for entering the field of music production. A score of nine or less suggests that you have a lot of learning to do before applying your audio production skills to music production. A score of 19 or more might indicate that music production would be a good focus for your audio production efforts.

Survey 2:

  • Proficient at writing radio ad copy: --
  • Creating and editing sound effects: --
  • Experience utilizing large SFX libraries: --
  • Knowledge of music publishing/licensing contracts: --
  • performance as a voice over artist: --
  • Education/training in radio voice over: --
  • Experience as an on air DJ: --
  • Other radio work experience: --
  • Ability to identify accents and dialects: --

Total score in the radio production category: --
Your score in this category might help you determine whether you are well positioned to utilize an audio production system for radio ads and broadcast projects. A score of nine or below suggests that you probably need more experience and education before trying to focus on these types of projects for your financial well-being. A score of 19 or more might indicate that you are ready to enter the highest paying sector of the audio production industry which is radio ad production.

Survey 3:

  • Proficient at programming dsp effects parameters: --
  • Ability to distinguish between fx (reverb, delay, chorus, etc.) by ear: --
  • Proficient at equalizing for flat dynamic response: --
  • Experience with eq's (multiband graphic, parametric, shelf, pass filters): --
  • Ability to identify frequencies by ear: --
  • Knowledge of microphone types (cartioid, condenser, ribbon, etc.): --
  • Experience with mic pre-amps, compressors, limiters: --
  • Knowledge of speaker components (concentric, multi-component): --
  • Effective mixing board operation (bussing, fx loops, etc.): --

    Total score in the technical studio category: --
    The above survey may help you determine how familiar you are with the tools of the audio production trade. A score of 9 or less indicates that additional education/training will be required for you to effectively run your business or to become gainfully employed as an engineer. A score of 19 or more suggests that you may be ready for on the job training and

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