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Requesting funds for Accessible Audio Production Technology!

In many cases, blind individuals themselves do not have the funds to invest in an audio production system whose cost can range from $ 5,000.00 to $ 25,000.00. In these cases, a blind person will need to create proposals requesting funding. These proposals can be submitted to State Departments of Rehabilitation, local arts organizations, and other nonprofit agencies that support employment for blind persons.

Requests for funds should demonstrate the likeliness for success. A properly printed (perhaps bound), carefully organized presentation will be necessary. Provide a cover page with a title and date. Provide a table of contents. (consider adding stick-on tabs to pages that begin each section)

Here are some possible section headings:

  • System Diagram
  • System Component List
  • System Price Bids
  • Resume/Bio
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Character Reference Letters
  • Technical Feasability Letters
  • Employment Offer Letters
  • Market Price Survey
  • Labor Market Survey
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Projections
  • Beneficial Impact

MOst of these categories are self explanatory. A system diagram is simply a drawing of labeled boxes representing the various components of the system with lines drawn between them to indicate connections.
A system component list would simply spell out each item needed (hardware and software) included in the proposed purchase.
System bids (there should be at least three) should all have the same component list. They can be bids from national mail order houses or local retailers.
Resumes, bios, reference letters and the like are self explanatory.
Technical feasability letters might come from established production companies that employ blind producers such as Sound Adventures, inc. or from blind audio producers themselves like Rick Boggs.
Employment offers are very valuable letters to include.
Marketing strategies identify the target customer and suggest methods to acquire those customers.
Market price surveys should show a list of production facilities and the rates they charge.
Labor market surveys should show the earnings of engineers/producers at a variety of companies.
Business projections lay out month by month or quarter by quarter the projected earnings and expendatures of the proposed new company. (if you are intending to be self-employed)
Beneficial impact statements simply make a final pitch explaining all of the benefits to the individual blind person and to the community, if such an accessible audio system were to be purchased.

Be prepared to send the presentation via standard mail. If possible, make it available via email as well. ALWAYS be prepared to concisely and swiftly speak about the presentation from beginning to end in a personal interview.

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